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''You know, if I were to describe what went on between myself and Claudia those few...months? Hmm...months...were they really months? I'm not so sure. But so much happened, I'm not sure if I should be telling you this. Our bond...at least in my eyes...is something both very simple,and too complex for me to feel anything but happiness and slight sense of shame.''

Madeleine hands you a little music box. It's very pretty. She purposefully starved herself so you wouldn't see her blush.

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Also creepy! (Sorry for commenting again, but Tonight You Belong To Me came on and I wasn't prepared for it and it was very very creepy. Very fitting, but so creepy. Which is why I love it, of course.)

This is such a gorgeous mix. And I love it when people bring up Madeleine-- too often the women of VC get sidelined, and I'm so chuffed to see someone celebrating the relationship of two female characters (however brief it may have been!). Really lovely work here-- one of my favorite playlists right now.