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Down The Rabbit Hole

4 comments on Down The Rabbit Hole

I'm really enjoying this mix! It's so perfect, you're absolutely wonderful.

Do you have a list of the tracks? I can't seem to find it whenever I come to the page.

This is a stunningly good fanmix - I love Occam's Razor so much and this really is such a perfect companion to it. Thank you for making it - I've been introduced to some awesome bands as a result!

Aww, you're very welcome! I'm just so fortunate that some of my favorite artists/songs go really well with my feelings for Occam's Razor. And happy to share the love! <3

I'm at Coldplay's "The Scientist" right now, and I'm pretty much losing my shit. this is way, way too perfect for this fic, I'm having an emotional breakdown.
Thank you <3

Aaaaah, thank you! If this made you cry, then I'm doing things right. :D Hope you enjoyed the rest of the mix too!