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The Faerie Road


A mix for travels into the Perilous Realms and beyond.

  • Arietty's Song English by Ahmad Mohammad 3
  • Kaze No Ne by Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles OST
  • All Over The Earth by Adele McAllister
  • Ddoi de Doi by Adrian Y Gof
  • La Rosa Enflorece by Petits Pieds
  • How Sweet The Torment by Lisa Lynne
  • North Highland Tunes by Bonnie Rideout
  • Dark Island by Áine Minogue
  • ♫ Departure of Boromir Evenstar by Commandant Nagata
  • Mound Builders by _type
  • Aragorn's Sleepsong by haltorf
  • Havens by Adele McAllister
  • Thig Am Bàta (The Boat Will Come) by Julie Fowlis
  • Kokkovirsi [Bonfire Song] by petterberndalen
  • Mirie it is while sumer ilast by Novel Arch
  • 03 Cantiga 166 by crossmeister
16 tracks
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