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me + my trash bf


// Karli made a trash mix so im makin, a trashier one lmao

im even gonna add like quotes or wtv on each annotation lmaoooo

- Admoon Katsuuuu !!! //

EDIT: admoon katsuu was a little tipsy wipsy while makin, this lmaoooo

  • Where the lines overlap (Acoustic Cover) by Paramore
    lmao idk
  • Tada Hitori by Mauricio Ballen
    fightin, music maybe
  • Stardust Redux - Psymbionic Remix by Minnesota
    maybe when the kinda get along? ?
  • The World's Smallest Violin (EO Dubstep Remix) [Buy Link = Free DL Link] by Woe is Me
    "yeah idgaf" ""neither do i"" [ intense makeout session follows ]
  • big in japan remix by MWTRF
    ""im chineses tho"" "idgaf"
  • We Are Young by fun.
    "we're both like,, over 1,000 years? ?? ?" ""shut up thats young""
  • Beautiful Thing (She's So Radical) by DwEeb
    bc they are both 900000+ hot
  • Thomas the Train vs Gas Pedal by liam walsh
    casually loses the actual goal of wvtf i was doin
  • You Are A Horrible Person And All Your Dreams Will Come True by Bodyantoinette
    hozu to haku lmao "you are a dreadful person. but ur dreams will come true."
  • The Fucking Trash "Mixtape" by Black Skull
  • Silly Little Demon by The Legal Criminal
    because,, hozuki,, /shot
  • "Ticket Outta Loserville" (Loserville The Musical) by LoservilleTheMusical
    idfk,, their both losers in a way lol
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