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viole(n)t .


they don't remember; they've forgotten. the dead do forget.


cover art by pinkypills on dA, edited by me
will probably add more tracks to this once i find more that fit the ambience i was going for

9 tracks
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this probably sounds weird but i used to listen to a hancock mix by you a long long time ago.. like idk you dont have to put it back up but if its unlisted or private or im just an idiot can u tell me the songs on it? i wont copy it or anything i just remember it being really nice.. if u cant or dont want to thats ok!! this is a sweet mix though keep it up ctfvgbhkn

@IchimatsuMatsuno oh, sure! my bad! i took it down after a while because i wanted to try and remake a better version of it, i'll see if i can find the original list of songs i'd compiled! apologies for answering so late!