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If your life was an action movie

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opening credits: cant stop feeling- franz ferdinand
bank robbery scene: juicebox- the strokes
car chase getaway: the bad thing- arctic monkeys
party scene: slow night so long- kings of leon
childhood flashback: the suburbs- arcade fire
the bad guy murders your family: x.y.u.- smashing pumpkins
you want revenge; you go across country looking for the bad guy: short change hero- the heavy
you bang the hot chick along the way: make it wit chu- queens of the stone age
you find the bad guy and have an epic dual: ecstasy of gold- metallica
walk away from the battle like a boss: how you like me now- the heavy
you are depressed because your family is dead: when i drink- the avett brothers
you go mentally insane: where is my mind- pixies
you escape and walk away like a boss while the building blows up: ball and biscuit- the white stripes
your long lost best friend helps you through your hardships: times like these- foo fighters
ending credits: all these things that ive done- the killers