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dear Die-ary, I seem to be dead


Overdramatic and obnoxiously angsty, because I feel like suffering right now.
It's all you ever needed to embrace your evil-split-personalities/dear-imaginary-friends, revel in selfpity and lack of talent or give a warm welcome to death from self-inflisted gunshot wound to the head.

Even if this means embarrassing yourself by listening to this shitty music. Knock yourself out, kiddo.

15 tracks
1 comment on dear Die-ary, I seem to be dead

This suits my overdramatic and obnoxiously angsty mood, I must thank you. And depending on your music tastes you seem like a delight to talk to.

@thehouseofmyth Why, thank you for your comment. I don't really think my taste in music is anything but bad, but sometimes bad is the best you can get.

@frei_mirra Oh you're most certainly welcome, darling. I honestly don't think your music tastes are anything short of interesting, over-dramatic, and as you said, obnoxiously angsty.