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murdered by his eyes


you're my other half

tw for abusive relationships
but if you read the manga, you already know how fucked up those two are

15 tracks
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Holy shit, I don't think another playlist could possibly overcame this one when representing Double Mints. Jeez, amazing taste.

And I came back here cause there's no other way to contact you and I needed the playlist again. Do you have a fic page or something like that? I would be completely interested in reading your works.

@dingdongcake ah, I've been meaning to reply to you and completely forgot! It really amuses me when people say I have a "taste" in music, since most just bash my favourite things outright. Still, I'm really glad you like it and even moreso glad that someone who actually knows this couple listened to this, since, well, they're my favourite. And yeah, I have an ao3 account, it's "double negative", but I don't post much there, since I've only started to write in english.