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there's a monster inside

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I relate with such intensity to the rawness of this mix. It's actually somewhat unnerving how perfect a soundtrack it is for my unraveled mind. thank you for sharing this. It provides a strange and precious comfort.

@LovelyHealing thank you for that wonderful comment. This is a compilation of songs I listen to when going through rough spots in my recovery. It is so humbling to hear that my taste in music fits another person well.

@frei_mirra You're most welcome! If it wouldn't be too troublesome, would you mind posting the tracklist somewhere? I would really like to put it on my iPod to help me through all of those "my brain is eating me!" moments when I'm without my laptop and could use a music hug. If not, that's okay! Thank you for sharing your struggle and strength with me through music. Rock on.

@LovelyHealing of course. mmy-the-darkness(.)tumblr(.)com/post/133581647238/theres-a-monster-inside Here you go.