Floral dresses come in different floral designs from tiny dolly prints to big petals of roses. With the summer come the beautiful girls in colourful floral dresses which is available at myntra. Many fashion designers use floral trends in their spring/summer collections. D&G spring/summer 2011 collection features the flowers in bloom.

Beautiful, flirty, romantic, chic they all define the lace. Laces can be adorned with other fabrics to beautify the outfit. They are the gorgeous piece of fabrics. Designers often make use of this fabric in their spring/summer collection and these fabrics are available on myntra.

Those who actually do not want to show their bare legs, leggings are there for you. Leggings though modest don’t always have that modesty. They can be really flirty and sexy. Basic leggings have been a fashion staple but there are also leggings that are shrouded to denim-look-alike. These are called jeggings.

Those who are comfortable showing those gorgeous legs, shorts are the must-haves. For a casual-chic look, choose shorts that are tight fit or looser fit, of canvas or denim and match with a t-shirt or a blouse. For those who love punk, go with the dip-dyed shorts or the ripped shorts with cool tops, tanks and t-shirts.

Primarily the jumpsuit has been a one-piece garment worn by pilots, divers, sportsperson and tradesperson alike. Since the 60s it has been popularized in the pop culture and high fashion by different artists. Jumpsuits give you an image of long lean line with the heels on. It makes a style statement of its own. So, go with the minimal make-up and accessories or you could escape the latter.

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