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he's not dead, he only looks that way.


"That's what I'm trying to explain by bringing up chess," he says. "The object of the game is to capture your opponent's king while defending your own from capture. All other pieces are expendable in service of that goal, even the queen, which is the most powerful piece on the board."

Mello drops his hand from his face and looks up again, mouth pressed into a thin line. Carefully, he folds the earpieces of his sunglasses down and tucks them away in his inside jacket pocket.

"I'm not a king. I know that now. I wanted to be, for a very long time, but - refusing to face reality is like trying to win a staring contest with an oncoming freight train."

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tracklist: the world/inferno friendship society, dolce far niente; my chemical romance, boy division; the stooges, search and destroy; beastie boys, sabotage; franz ferdinand, the fallen; bastille, icarus; sleigh bells, comeback kid; iamx, volatile times.