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i'll take your crown; i'll make it mine.


Mello hasn't given much consideration to his own moral character in a very long time - probably since before the orphanage, if he were entirely honest. Once he was part of the House's machinery, concepts of good and bad were inextricably linked with results - win and lose, better and best. He's never been the best, so he's never been good enough, much less good. Maybe that's why the decision to make himself into a criminal was an easy one to choose - if taking that path facilitated victory, it would be worth the costs accumulated on the way.

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tracklist: the glitch mob, drive it like you stole it; night riots, nothing personal; kid cudi, the ruler and the killer; the world/inferno friendship society, "m" is for morphine; the neighbourhood, afraid; awolnation, thiskidsnotalright; chevelle, hats off to the bull; my chemical romance, thank you for the venom; the world/inferno friendship society, the disarming smile; halsey, gasoline; sleigh bells, born to lose; placebo, breathe underwater; my chemical romance, hang 'em high.