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show your sharp-tipped teeth.


It has been a long time since anyone's touched him like this, and he'd mostly forgotten about it in resigning himself to being dead. Touch is something that belongs to the realm of the living, after all; a corpse cannot feel this empty, this hungry, this angry about all the ways he's completely fucking up and helpless to stop this trainwreck in motion.

This is a mistake, and Mello can't seem to stop himself from making mistakes, over and over, so he kisses her again, and between the two of them, he's not sure who he hates more.

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tracklist: sneaker pimps, sick; the neighbourhood, lurk; the kills, cheap and cheerful; mother mother, let's fall in love; editors, eat raw meat = blood drool; death cab for cutie, black sun; the neighbourhood, a little death; the kills, last day of magic; placebo, protect me from what i want.