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the crown hangs heavy on either side.


"You're an adult. You can do what you want. Make your own rules."

Or break them. They've both been vigilantes, on the wrong side of the rules in some aspect, for half their lives or more. Breaking rules is what they do, right? Why not this as well?

And it does feel to Jason like he's breaking some unspoken rule. Dick has always seemed just out of his reach, and having him here, now, finally within his grasp, literally underneath his fingertips - it feels like something that shouldn't be possible. But if this is breaking a rule, Jason has never been more pleased to be an outlaw.

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tracklist: metric, black sheep; editors, eat raw meat = blood drool; bastille, flaws; the bravery, believe; x ambassadors, low life; muse, undisclosed desires; night riots, tear me apart; royal blood, come on over; panic at the disco, far too young to die; imagine dragons, i bet my life.