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"You can always talk to me, Shiro. About anything. I'm your friend." This is important. She needs to know this, needs to believe him. "I love you."

She's never heard those words before. They stop something deep down inside, make it feel like she's fallen into that dark hole she can't climb out of, only to see there's a ladder inside.

"Even if...even if Aceman's the real Shiro?"

Beyond knows what it's like to hear that, I love you, for the first time, the pain those words can bring, ripping holes in your heart that are stapled back up in the next instant.

"That's right," he says, nodding. "I love you even if Aceman is the real Shiro." Even if she's a monster. Because even monsters deserve to be loved.

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tracklist: iamx f/imogen heap, my secret friend; my chemical romance, bulletproof heart; death cab for cutie, soul meets body; the neighbourhood, sweater weather; fall out boy, the kids aren't alright; the dead weather, die by the drop; aurora, murder song (5, 4, 3, 2, 1); spoon, love song; my chemical romance, the world is ugly; the national, patterns of fairytales; death cab for cutie, scientist studies; fall out boy, alone together; the neighbourhood, flawless; the national, runaway.