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you gave up being good when you declared a state of war.


"It's not enough."

Saving individuals, stopping one criminal at a time - it's a handful of droplets held in cupped palms compared to the vastness of the ocean. Maybe when he was still Robin, Jason thought it could be enough, but he doesn't believe that now. He has watched Gotham in the years since he last donned that cape, and he has not seen any significant improvement. Batman works through intimidation, through fear, and his methods may be effective to an extent, but not universally. Not against those who refuse to be afraid.

Certainly not against those who are too insane to be afraid.

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tracklist: the paper chase, so how goes the good fight?; metric, youth without youth; my chemical romance, hang 'em high; digital daggers, the devil within; the paper chase, ready willing cain and able; grimes, kill v. maim; black light burns, stop a bullet; my chemical romance, heaven help us.