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Gotham Grit: The Batman Anthology


"I'm Vengeance. I'm the Night. I'm Batman."

A budding hero consumed by a broken past built on sadness and fear; an established legend tested by anarchy and its chaotic, frantic, unbeatable agent; and, finally, an emergent symbol of everlasting hope coming to terms with his mortality while having to withstand the bleakest of realities.

Two hours worth of tracks that chronologically brought my childhood hero to life; features music by Danny Elfman, Elliot Goldenthal, and Hans Zimmer.

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18 tracks
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Batman (TV Series - 1966): Track 1
Batman (Film - 1989): Tracks 2-4
Batman Returns (Film - 1992): Tracks 5-6
Batman: The Animated Series (TV Series - 1992): Tracks 7-8
Batman Forever (Film - 1995): Tracks 9-10
Batman & Robin (Film - 1997): Track 11
Batman Beyond (Animated Series - 1999): Track 12
Batman Begins (Film - 2005): Tracks 13-14
The Dark Knight (Film - 2008): Tracks 15-16
The Batman (Animated Series - 2008): Track 17
Arkham City (Video Game - 2011): Tracks 18-19
The Dark Knight Rises (Film - 2012): Tracks 20-21