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This is the most accurate Steve Rogers fanmix I've ever encountered. Every song is so well picked, it shows you really put a lot of thought behind every song in this fanmix. I love that Hemingway quote, it captures Steve's spirit perfectly and it alludes to a character trait that I've always noticed about Steve-- everyone in The Avengers holds a certain burden. Everyone in The Avengers is damaged in a certain way, but I feel like Steve holds his wounds very quietly and close to his chest (I particularly mourn the loss of the deleted scene in Avengers in which you see Steve wandering around NY, not really feeling like he belongs.. trying to get back in the world but not quite managing). He's not the kind of person to ask for help, and yet is probably one of the first ones to throw himself in the line of fire to save the world. As you can probably tell, Steve Rogers is my baby and I'm so very glad when people recognize these things in his character