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Post-Rock 1991-2006: The Year the Bubble Burst


"Post-Rock"; an ugly word for a classification of great musical concepts. This mix will attempt to provide, in chronological order, examples of great Post-Rock from 1991 through 2006; around the time the scene became highly over-saturated. It starts with a cut from Talk Talk's 1991 album "Laughing Stock." This band is considered by many to have played a huge factor in shaping the modern idea of Post-Rock. Listen, comment if you have an opinion, but most of all ENJOY!

29 tracks
3 comments on Post-Rock 1991-2006: The Year the Bubble Burst

this is really thorough mate. really enjoyed it. to be picky i would say shipping news are more math than post.
having said that i totally agree that the drummers are now the most interesting feature of post-rock. they really got the jazz side of it going.
btw silver ray actually plays some sort of hiphop track instead of milo's wedding.

Thank you sir! I would agree as well that Shipping News has more of a busier Math-Rock vibe. Great point!

And I can't believe that it took me over a year to come and fix that error on Silver Ray...

Bubble burst? More like an Explosion in the sky.... Great mix. I never really got into anything pre-DMST, and the evolution from Talk Talk onward was pretty neat to hear. I think the instrumental "soft loud soft" post rock song structure is interesting. It is powerful and gratifying, but it is also limiting musically and gets very repetitive. This caused the "bubble burst" of post rock, because Godspeed was out of ideas and everyone else started to copy their glory days, with poor results. Even worse, the over-seriousness of the whole genre became unbearable. The only band I still listen to regularly from my post rock phase is DMST, totally underappreciated!

Yea, I agree about the repetition. It got to a point where I felt a lot of bands just used the structure as a cop-out to write lengthy songs lazily. I feel the only really dynamic, interesting members in modern Post-Rock bands are the drummers; the guy from Grails is an excellent example.

I RARELY listen to post-rock myself anymore despite owning a crapload of it; it is just so heavy-handed and my aging tastes are starting to veer towards quicker, accessible material (SELL-OUT!). I only listen to Explosions in the Sky's "Those Who Tell the Truth.." on occasion and a couple God is an Astronaut tracks. DMST is a great band but I was always a Godspeed guy if I had to listen to a 20-minute epic. Honestly though, it is a damn endurance run listening to those songs... how did we do it????? I need to find an office job to find that kind of effort again!