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lonely souls

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Yay! I'm so glad you like it! It was a fun playlist to make. :) I always try to make sure my playlists flow and have at least a slight story to them. I'm seriously all jeowhrmdlahrnwkan that you think it's perfect. If you have anymore requests, just let me know.

So I realized I never commented on this (and I'm so sorry, esp. since it was me who prompted the playlist, shame on me) but this mix is seriously amazing. I keep listening to it - it's so spooky and inspiring. You have awesome taste in music.

I especially loved the way the songs flowed and made a story. And the beginning song (First Light in the Dawn) with the kind of jungly noise and rhythmic drums was such a cool intro to this. And then all the chanty, spooky music was just wonderful. These songs flow really well and they totally set the tone for a spooky Beacon Hills Cemetery story. It's perfect.

I keep imagining, like, zombies and ghosts and stuff. Total BH horror story material.