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You're Lost, Little Cat


"Not until we are lost do we begin to find ourselves."
-Henry David Thoreau

  • At a Glance by Message to Bears
    this is the story of a gem named yellow topaz.
  • Kids by Kids
    he is very quite and soft, but a kind soul.
  • On Trees and Birds and Fire by I Am Oak
    he was found by his friends unconscious and washed ashore a lake, with no memories
  • My Demons (Nightcore) by Starset
    he's scared of what he was before lost his memories, and doesn't want to hurt his friends.
  • I Didn't Just Kiss Her by Jen Foster
    but when aiding his friends in the heat of battle, he fights with precision and skill while remaining icy and stoic.
  • Stars "Dead Hearts" from Like Crazy 3:29 by RelativityMusicGroup
    he often ponders over the little things in life, appreciating beauty in every form.
  • Twins by Gem Club
    but in the end, through all of the fear, he's sincerely thankful for his friends and the warmth they give him.
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