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Eleven tracks including music by All Shall Perish, Jeff Loomis, and The Human Abstract. These tracks boggle my mind, each in their own way. May it be for the artist's implementation of melody, rhythm or experimentation.

11 tracks
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My bad about all the comments lol I deleted them on my end cause I kept fucking it up. I only wanted to say that once hahaha...anyway I did find the song I meant this morning, I was completely off with the letter it starts with, but it's Killtrox and the Motherships from your \m/ mix. Thanks for looking though, I appreciate it. It's good shit! I can't find much of these guys anywhere except two songs on YouTube. Any suggestions?

This mix is fucking awesome. All of yours that I've heard are exactly what I wanna hear haha...good stuff. There was one band I can't find again or remember, but the name was some crazy shit like 'Manzonetti and the Blah Blahs'...do you have any idea what band I heard? All I'm going on is that it was in one of your mixes, it's mathcore deathcore etc., and is that type of band name and the first word started with an 'M'.

Thanks! haha