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Grunge Wasteland


grunge at it's finest:

  • Down in the Park by Foo Fighters
  • All Apologies by Nirvana
  • Teenage Riot by Sonic Youth
  • In Too Deep by Sum 41
  • 05 Parting Of The Sensory by megritter
  • Pearl Jam Last Kiss by Malú Trindade
  • Outshined by Soundgarden
7 tracks
4 comments on Grunge Wasteland

I turned on this playlist to inspire me to write my paper on the history of grunge music. Unfourtunately, this music makes me feel some type of way that is not inspired at all. More like "angsty" "unmotivated" and "emotionally distraught." I now realize that I should have seen this coming.

@deirdrecrean4 Im doing the exact same thing. Maybe grunge isn't the best school day playlist. But you gotta admit its pretty damn fun to listen too!