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gentle folk for tender hearts

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three songs in, and already love this mix, brings the emotion front and center, yet still is a soothing "good-feel" mix! Awesome

WOW! What a stunning mix. I knew this mix would be hard for me to listen to (I recently broke up with my fiance) but my goodness, so calming. There are a few songs in there that I had to skip... Got a little tough. But when time heals me, I am definitely coming back to this mix. :) Thank you again!

Oh, I'm so sorry nulkmad! Thank you so much for listening, I really appreciate all your feedback. You have a wonderful heart, hope it heals swiftly my friend.

thanks - by the way, you can call me nico(las) I prefer first name basis because it just makes my experiences more real. :) anyway, thank you for your feedback as well. And please do be critical on my playlists. I am still learning, and have lots of music to share with all of these wonderful people.

Nice to meet you meegan. :) If you ever want to just chat so we aren't eating up your wall with messages, you can shoot me a Facebook friend request or email me at