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until morning

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Sitting in my desolate room, looking at boxes and backpacks, with memories of friends littering the walls, and leaving a wonderful woman knowing I may never see her again. Moving away from a place I've known for years is where I am at right now, and although this mix doesn't specify any of the above, it's making it hard for me to continue packing, but it's even more of a task turning it off. Thank you for the bittersweet sounds of this mix.

Meegan, thank you again for an incredible musical experience. You are fantastic - they should pay you to put these on here! :D

Yess, The National is one of my favorite bands, they are even better live. I just discovered Low Roar, at first I thought it was Radiohead, so beautiful. The whole cd is AMAZING!! You are very welcome, Nico! Thank you for listening, so happy you enjoyed this mix, these songs have been some of my favorites for awhile. Its nice to share them w someone :)