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Deception and Betrayal


You've known him for years. You have shared most of your lives together, your most intimate moments, and yet... you have never seen him wear this expression before. Ever so slowly he walks towards you, leans towards your ear, and whispers, "It was me all along."
"W-What do you mean?", You stutter at him.
He turns and slowly starts walking away.
"I mean, for the past several years... No, for as long as I have known you, I have been the one causing all of those unfortunate "accidents". It. Was. ME!", he finishes, yelling. He takes a deep breath and laughs . He laughs the most uncharacteristic cackle, and it makes your hair stand on end. The man you've known, is no longer there.

Track art by Hujimogeo

9 tracks
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