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It's Kind of a Sad Story


A mix for if you're trying to find comfort in music to deal with losing one of the most influential people in your life.

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I find it unbelievable that there aren't more commets in here... when I read it's kind of a funny story I found myself recoverying from a horrible depression, by the time a finished the book I had the kind of hope that lasts for a long time... but then Ned... I understand, but as a girl that has fought with suicidal ideations all my life, and then he just... I want to celebrate what he gave to me but it's actually really sad to me that I will never tell him what his writing did for me. I just hope that wherever he is everything is better and turned out his kind of funny story. So i guess what I'm saying is, thank you, I'm not alone on this feelings

@paula.porras2 yeah I came from the same place as you, his books gave me hope that I could get out of a dark place, and knowing that even he couldn't was devastating.