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Lullaby of the Aurai

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In Greek mythology, the Aurai or Aurae /ˈɔriː/ are the winged nymphs of the breezes, daughters of Boreas, the god of the north wind, Eurus, the god of the east wind, Zephyrus, the god of the west wind, or Notus, the god of the south wind.

  • The Tree Of Life : Alexandre Desplat by Sándor Sepovics
  • 07 - Fairy Of Melted Snow by Mike Oldfield 1
  • Birds Poem (Violin) by TAMUSIC
  • The Path Of Wind Orchestral by minominho
  • Namine's Theme by soundofwaves
  • Child Of Light Soundtrack by Patches Of Sky
  • FFX~To Zanarkand by 植松伸夫
  • Unremarkable by Dexter Britain
  • [允] Arrangement : Wind Song - Kotaro Oshio(Piano ver.) by Yune / 允
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