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(layered remixes)


I've been falling in love with some of the chill remixes on 8tracks lately and also have an obsession with layering songs. He's a combination of those two things.

*Highly recommended that you put in both earphones when listening.

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@ecoute How'd you find most of these anyway? Just searching Youtube or did you aggregate for lack of a better word from other mixes? Reddit perchance? That's how I find most of my stuff like this I just came back to 8tracks after a many month hiatus.

@kejting I actually made them myself. I couldn't find a ton of layered remixes online so I was like hey, I bet I could do that. I'm working on another but I probably won't get a chance to publish until after exams (like a week and a bit). So let me know if there're any songs you want layered :)

@ecoute That's really cool you made them yourself! And yeah, exams are killer, I'm dealing with mine at the moment aswell. I'll keep an eye out for your new one and I'll give it some thought I'm sure I can think of some great songs to be layered. Seriously though great work! Been playing this mix in particular a ton while I've been studying lately so thanks for that! :)

@ecoute TBH when I'm studying I seem to spend most of my time shuffling and looking for my next song so it's nice to just have a mix like this where I like every song ahaha. Keeps me focused :p.