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An honest man does not change his religion: a Fritztaire mix

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A fanmix about the relationship between Frederick the Great and Voltaire, and it's ups and downs.

  • She Keeps Me Warm by Mary Lambert
    When Francois moves into the sanssouci he finds that his feelings for the king were far greater than he had believed, and Frederick feels much the same. The two decide to take a leap of faith, and in has wonderful consequences.
  • North By North by emilyrobinson
    Voltaire's friends told him that it would be better to go to back to London, that he should go back to a city that bustled with life, but he didn't need the hustle and bustle when he had everything he ever wanted right here with his king.
  • Speeding Cars by Imogen Heap
    Frederick comes back from the war to find that Voltaire is angry, very angry. It is obvious from that start that the philosopher is fed up with wars, fed up with politics. He is sick of everything really, and they have their first serious argument.
  • Stubborn Love by The Lumineers
    They quickly realize that these are differences that they must reconcile in order to move forward, and they are stronger for it.
  • by LIGHTS by Quiet
    When there is no business to attend to and no treatises to write Voltaire and Frederick like to spend lazy mornings together, picking at whatever the servants decided to make that day and basking in the company of one another.
  • Bleeding Out by Imagine Dragons
    days turn into months into years, and Frederick realizes that for the past few months a rift has been growing between them. It was not a falling out of love, because the look in Francois' eyes have not changed, and Frederick's feelings certainly never budged, but something is different. When he does confront Francois about it and the man's eyes carry more guilt than Frederick has ever seen when he tells him about his spy work. The falling out is permanent this time, and when Voltaire leaves Frederick knows that he will never recover from this blow to the heart.
  • Medicine by Daughter
    Frederick and Francois send each other letters occasionally, polite words and distant phrases masking what they really want to say but never can. They pretend that what they shared never existed, that they don't still love each other so deeply that sometimes it hurts to think about it. Only when Francois knows he is dying does he pours as much of his soul as he dares into a letter to send to the king, a dying confession of something they both know already. When Frederick reads the letter Voltaire is already dead, and he does not shed a tear. He simply knits his fingers together and rests his head on the back of his chair, reflecting on the god that seemed to delight in taking everything that made him happy. "I was given two people whom I loved and loved me back, and both of them were ripped from me before I could hold on."
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