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sometimes im like how fucked up can i be to ship these two, but knowing there are other people who ship them too im just ah good im not the only one. also nice playlist!

@Duvide I ship Eddie/Waylon because it helps me cope with my own past abuse and it helps me come to terms with my abuse. Honestly I think abuse survivors should be the only ones allowed to ship "wayskin (sounds like foreskin)". Because other people just like to fetishize abuse. I've read fanfics that were so transmisogynistic of Waylon "becoming a woman" that it made me sick, plus the whole "stockholm syndrome" shit shouldn't be fetishized and romanticized.

@ptsdnick I've actually only read one fanfic of this ship and it was about Eddie and Waylon in therapy, and even though it was really great, the writer took it down. It was called "To be well" if you knew about it. Anyways, thats true, abuse should not be romanticized, and I understand why people dont like this ship but I still like them for some reason? I'm a survivor myself, and I fully understand that Eddie is messed up but I love his character for an odd reason. And it still makes me feel fucked up for shipping them ahah