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I Crush Everything

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trash. i am trash. i ship doc ock and spiderman i am literally trash. dont look at me

these songs are either painfully literal, or extremely unrelated but Somehow Make Me Think Of This Dumbass Ship That Only I Ship, God Damn It, Why Is This Hurting Me So Much, Oh My God

be sure to look at the annotations

  • I Crush Everything (Acoustic Mix) by Jonathan Coulton
    what can i say. its a song about a squid
  • Lighthouse by Patrick Watson
    i get emotional sometimes about this song
  • Vegas Lights by hiram natt
    this song mentions villains and also swimming
  • Now I Am an Arsonist by Jonathan Coulton
    honestly not sure,,, but it seems to work?? //shrugs wildly
  • 05 Manta Rays by Heitorr_
    idk but it mentions sea creatures,
  • Come Back Down (featuring Sara Bareilles) by GregLaswell
    honestly dont know why this is here
  • Octopus's Garden by The Beatles
7 tracks