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Summer Solstice


Summer solstice songs are few and far between. Sure, there's any number of pleasant if generic instrumental electronic jams that reference the longest day in their titles, but substantive connections are harder to find. In fact, if it weren't for Shakespeare, we'd have mighty slim pickings indeed. Props to the Bard. Enjoy, and Happy Solstice! (Updated for summer 2016)

18 tracks
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Hey @editor_b , just wanted to say one more time before 8tracks closes down, thanks for all the great mixes. I learned so much great pagan music from you when I was just beginning my path! Blessings on your journey <3

@margaritanoir Thanks, that means a lot. And strangely enough your message is the only notice I've received about the demise of 8tracks. Dang. I will seek a new home (Spotify won't work) for these mixes.

@editor_b My initial email from 8tracks actually went to my spam folder, so I was lucky I saw it. Yeah, it's really sad :( Such a wonderful place for discovering music and such a great community here! I was under the impression the whole site was coming down, so I'm glad it's still here, at least for now, even though we can't stream. I'm on Spotify as luna_electra and have tried to archive a bunch of playlists there, though I have never liked Spotify. If you end up someplace else please let me know!

@margaritanoir Thanks for the tip — sure enough, it was flagged as spam. I'm on Spotify at editor_b I think, but Spotify doesn't have half the tracks in this mix, for instance. Right now I'm looking at Mixcloud, but still exploring.