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Blue Marlin 001


“I wanna look like a Florida 1970s retiree, you know? It’s like incognito-cognito”

Curated by Radha Kotliarsky

  • Smooth Float by Piemont
  • Austin Frank by Move Ahead
  • Running Out ft. Jack Summers (Knightley Remix) by Ben Remember
  • Elija [EDM.com Premiere] by Schuhmacher
  • I Can't Believe by Leach & Lezizmo
  • Frozen Memories (Dousk Remix) by Weekend Heroes & Matan Caspi
  • Alex Vanni by Badass
  • Dark Clouds [EDM.com Exclusive] by Ian Place
  • Bit (Rustek Remix) by The Night Owls
  • Avalon (Stuck In Rewind) ft. Amber Jolene [EDM.com Premiere] by Emeskay
  • AV8R by Electronic Youth
  • Forever (Mad Villains Remix) by Crown Duels
  • That Body by Stuart Ojelay
  • Soulspeed by That's Right
  • Wait A Minute by Asvajit
  • Musical Trip by Marc Hernandez
  • Wouldn't You by Lock Smith
  • George Vala by COLORFUL
18 tracks
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