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Depth Charge 001

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"The hydraulic shock wave of an underwater explosion consists of an initial wave followed by further pressure waves of diminishing intensity." -Divers Manual

Curated By @NAZA

  • Blackhole by Margari's Kid
  • Dungeons by Gastly
  • Abduct [EDM.com Premiere] by High Dude
  • Machina by Argo
  • Barbican ft. Sayzar [EDM.com Exclusive] by Ajaax
  • Sky Burial ft. El-Jeffe [EDM.com Premiere] by Damnesia-Vu
  • Symposium [EDM.com Premiere] by Dgnizm
  • ENiGMA Dubz by Enigma Dubz
  • Inquisition [EDM.com Premiere] by Deceit
  • Head Off [EDM.com Premiere] by John Matrix
  • Allunage ft. Talabun MC [Premiere] by De Niro
  • Choices [EDM.com Exclusive] by L Nix
  • Razat & Holly by Crazy Shit
  • State Interests [EDM.com Premiere] by High Dude
  • Shadow by DET
  • Glimpse & Madi Larson - Dream Killer by KeepDeep - EDM.com
  • So Long Ago [Premiere] by Himalia
  • In My Home [EDM.com Exclusive] by Microom
  • VHS [EDM.com Premiere] by RDG
  • Hope [Premiere] by Drew's Theory & Deafblind
  • Poised [Premiere] by Gaze Ill
  • Summer Dreams (Ant!Hero Remix) [EDM.com Premiere] by Baduga
  • On A Mission [EDM.com Premiere] by Basscatz
  • The Flip Version [EDM.com Premiere] by Saule & Malleus
  • Metal Sound [EDM.com Premiere] by SUBFILTRONIK!!!™
  • Kalika (Waeck Remix) [Exclusive] by KOROstyle
  • highr. by Duplex Wave
  • Hana [EDM.com Exclusive] by Imotep
  • Chee by Bottom Feeder
  • Bubblegum (Stenchman Remix) by Ganja White Night
30 tracks
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