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Wide Awake Dreaming 002

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One of these days, I’ll turn to water,
Fall from a cloud into the heat,
Roll down the gutter past the window,
Land in a puddle at your feet.
One of these days, you’ll get distracted,
One of these days, our eyes will meet.

-Jason Robert Brown

Curated By NAZA

  • SORA by Sora
  • Fray [EDM.com Premiere] by Groeni
  • Faith (Cepasa Remix) [EDM.com Exclusive] by Fredwave
  • Kingdom ft. Sakima [Premiere] by Himalia
  • Schatz (mivf Remix) [EDM.com Exclusive] by ΔM
  • Lorn [Exclusive] by Unworldly
  • Dictat [Premiere] by Lophide
  • Small World Conqueror by SMPRSN
  • Over The Highway by Various Artists
  • Lightyears (Microom Remix) [EDM.com Exclusive] by Brooklyn83
  • Forget (FLVKE Remix) by Alicks
  • Butterfly (Demain Remix) [Exclusive] by Corolla
  • Sedate [EDM.com Exclusive] by .null.
  • Locked In by Jai Tee
  • Indigo Spring [Exclusive] by Epture
  • Broken Heart by Suburban Lokomotive
  • The One [Exclusive] by Autodream
  • Anxiety by Anuch Music
  • Grab My Hand [EDM.com Exclusive] by Hajimari
  • Koi by SORA
  • Ocean Of Dreams [EDM.com Exclusive] by KOSIKK
  • Winter's Echo by Lokoh & Vinich & Alexey Kosenko
  • My Life Your Entertainment by T.I. feat. Usher
  • The Moon Hangs, Unmoving by Shipwrecked
  • Afraid [EDM.com Exclusive] by Vacant
  • In A Minds by Sqz Me
  • Quenching by Margari's Kid
  • ASMR by asmr
  • Fraunhofer Diffraction – Before The Dawn (iBenji Remix) [EDM.com Exclusive] by Future Garage
  • Fountain Road [Premiere] by ENiGMA Dubz
30 tracks
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