If you are paying for the list. There is also Pay per Click (PPC) Marketing. This is where you have to pay for ads. You can target certain words or keywords and then when those words are searched for on a search engine such as Bing, Yahoo, Google then your ad will show up usually as a sponsored result. Every time your ad is clicked, you pay. You need to make sure you do your homework and find out how to effectively use PPC. If you don't, you could lose lots of money in a short period of time. Staying hyper focused on relevant keywords will definitely help you out with budgeting.

Bought traffic - This is the number one dumb way to waste money launching a website. The idea that you can buy tens of thousands of website visitors is just pure nonsense. Hey, don't worry we've all fallen for this quick fix and all had the same lousy results. Zero opt-ins and zero sales. If any real visitors actually get delivered, and I suspect many are just simple scams, and then there is no way that this will actually ever work. Think about  bán traffic . It's like rounding people up at random, forcing them onto a bus and driving them to your store. Are they really going to buy? Nope, not a chance.

Paid traffic provides an instant flow of targeted traffic, and with the appropriate keywords and marketing plan, can yield hundreds of thousands of visitors. The traffic flow is up to you, as you basically control the switch that lets it flow or shuts it off.

Paid traffic has had its day in my opinion as a means of aiding your web site. New search engines like Google and Yahoo are programmed to catch these kinds of boosts in traffic. Most websites are penalized the next time Google page ranks are released. Some pages get pulled from the first few pages in search engines. There have even been complaints of websites going from the first page to the last page in searches. I therefore don't recommend paying for any kind of traffic.

If you can afford to buy traffic to your site you can get traffic much faster. However getting free or organic traffic should be your number one choice.

V MEDIA Buys: this is all about knowing your targets and knowing that from where to get them. Most people use this term to purchase banner space on the website there are so many other alternatives are available such as co-registration, social networks, offers and ad networks. With the direct buys you can get a high traffic website in your function and select which is the best one option for you.

Internet marketers uses You Tube and Twitter everyday to make money. Many post in the Warrior Forum to do joint ventures or to get visitors to their website.

People on Facebook aren't looking for a solution to something like what they are when they are on Bing and Yahoo. On Facebook they are more interested in finding out what's happening to their friends or playing a game. They aren't there "looking" for a product to buy they're there to have fun.

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