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Frog Hunts and Ferry Rides


A playlist that tries to imitate the style and sound of the Over The Garden Wall soundtrack, with clarinet, bassoon, strings,1920s jazz and some classical music.

10 tracks
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Ah. This playlist deserves the gem status because it is definitely a step above most other playlists for OTGW. You combined the perfect combination of Ragtime jazz, Classical, and others (which is made even better by you choosing the songs based on their similarity to the overall theme and how they sound together, rather then by name alone which is a common fault for playlists). I also love how you included the Waltz on Basson, it was a great addition and makes me want to listen to it all day. Awesome job!

all over the garden wall mixes must have the moonlight sonata, and this one does not disappoint. Good job with the rag-time and jazz!

@Imthecoolest moonlight sonata reminded me so much of the beast's music in the last episode i couldn't leave it out :') thank you x