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A Night in the Hollows


You spot the hare with the silver teeth, his whispery tail flashing bright in the dark. You chase him to the riverbank, where the lantern lit boat waits for you. On board, you meet the sweetest mother! She feeds you hot soup and wipes away your homesick tears.

You have nothing to fear! Tomorrow we will go to the hollows to take you home. But won't you visit the mermaids with me? Wear a dress of petals? Drink the warm air? Home will wait for you, love, if you can find the strength to leave.

14 tracks
3 comments on A Night in the Hollows

Like those who left the comments before me, I am absolutely bewitched by this playlist. It won me over from the first moment! Your accompanying description is also absolutely beautiful, I have to say. There are times when I read or hear or see certain things that make me feel, for a split second, like there's a magic I belong to beyond this world, and everything you have brought to me in this playlist has made me feel that way. Thank you!

There isn't anything in this mix that is not pure bliss. It's flawless. It goes directly to your soul. I love how most of the pieces are excerpts from Disney soundtracks, but you have chosen melodies not so iconic as haunting, so the whole mix transcends the Disney origin and goes further, into a realm of dreams. Ok, I don't know if I'm making sense anymore. I just wanted to tell you that I write every day thanks to this track list and its wonderful inspiration. So thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

That's so sweet, thank you! I wrote it myself :) The original section was a little bit longer, but this one fit snuggly into the 8tracks 500 characters limit! xxxxxxx