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Before knowing only the shrieks of scavengers, Frances once knew blackbirds. They would sing from the wet stone wall at the end of the garden, between the rosebed and the moors, their calls so reliable that Frances soon ceased to notice them (like the hum of a water in radiators, or the ticking of a clock).

Before she must hurt and steal from others, it is important that we forgive Frances; she'll soon lose all she's ever known.

We meet our heroine on a morning chorused by blackbirds.

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I occasionally see intriguing and beautiful descriptions like this on 8tracks and wonder if they're from a story I should know, something published, or fanfiction, but they're impossible to find and I'm usually to embarrassed to ask. But this time I can't resist. Rooks?

@illfayted @illfayted Such a compliment! Thank you so much. 'Rooks' is the working title for the first draft of a book I've been writing on and off for about a year (Frances meets a rook in a dark forest under the earth, and they have to find their way out together, etc etc.). A little bit of paperback Gothic pulp, just for fun :) Thank you for being curious!! Hope you enjoyed the playlist xxx