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The Sirens of the Black Lagoon


Those lips, like blood! Those teeth, like splinters! That yellow hair is no beacon, lad... That scaled waist no treat to the fingers -- harbingers of death, those girls are! They'll lure you in and spit you out, your guts to giblets in five seconds flat.

Just watch yourself, boy. They'll take all bleeders.

14 tracks
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This playlist is seriously one of the best things ever. Thank you so much for creating it. It really helped me with my writing on several occasions, as well as enhancing the reading of others' stories.

1. marked man - mieka pauley // 2. o death - jen titus // 3. black widow - susanne sundfor // 4. plain gold ring - kimbra // 5. the build up - kimbra // 6. remain nameless - florence + the machine // 7. biting down - lorde // 8. so far from your weapon - the dead weather // 9. drink you sober - bitter:sweet // 10. girl with one eye (bayou percussion version) - florence + the machine // 11. let your guard down - emily wells // 12. toxic - yael naim // 13. buried in water - dead man’s bones