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a love story for the new age, for late night hand-holding under neon skies that light up your face, for digital heartbeats and synthesized sighs and electric eyes cast towards your sweetheart who shimmers like kaleidoscopic stars in the midnight sky.


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I've probably listened to this mix at least 12 times. It's fantastic. One of my top favourites. And “Pathos” is such a great song, I'd listen to a whole mix of just that song. I was just wondering where “Untitled” by Burial is? I've tried looking for it on YouTube, SoundCloud, iTunes... no luck! Is it available anywhere?

@ohberyn "untitled" by burial is actually "In McDonalds", by Burial, on their album "Untrue" released in 2007 :-) I had the same curiosity as well!

i love every single one of your mixes but this is one of the best ones yet!! also don't worry about using pathos too much because it's an awesome song (and your taste in music is the best anyway) ♥