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5 comments on The one that got away

I play this playlist so much omg. It's probably honestly one of my faves currently! I also love it cause it's given me so many wonderful songs that I can edit amvs/mmvs (of MikaYuu of course) and ugh just thanks so much for this playlist bb. Now i'm gonna go drown in my feels. kthxbye.

@Egg4lyfe I don't know if it will let me link them (and I can't believe I didn't link them before now. Wow. I apologize for the delay.) Here's two I did! | | If I end up doing anymore with songs I got from here, i'll make sure to come back and link them♥

@Caitlinanash oh my god i finAlly got around to watching them and holy shit bro they were so good. the humanity one was my personal fav like good job and i'm glad my playlist inspired you!!