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rest easy, big guy


cory monteith meant so much to me and the rest of the glee fandom, this is in memory of him.

rest in peace cory
1982 - 2013

13 tracks
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Cory once said in an interview that Glee was what be wanted to be remembered by. He said, "this show has changed my life and given me an opportunity I only dreamed of having. I want to be remembered, and Glee is a pretty awesome thing to be remembered." I hope Cory died knowing he WILL be remembered -- not just for Glee, but for his talent, his contagious haldf-smirky-smile, his talent and his struggle. It may seen surreal; but I hopeev

Glee is never going to be the same without Cory, we love you Cory we always have. its just so sad because he had so much talent and he was just so amazing its justvsad to see such amazing talent go especially one from Canada, one of my biggest wishes was to meet him but ik i will one day, ill meet him in heaven. :-(