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Sit back and relax with K-WTDB, Desert Bluffs and a soothing mix of rock and pop sponsored by STREXCORP.
What's that? Viscrea? What viscrea? I'm sorry, I don't see any viscera, caller. Maybe you should have your eyes examined, Steve.

((*ed note: Sorry no blood and entrails. It's surprisingly hard to find perky songs about everything being covered with blood. Or maybe I listen to the wrong music.))

8 tracks
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That's alright :) I never thought I would hear Imagine by John Lennon on a Desert Bluffs fanmix, but lo and behold, there it was. It fit in an odd way. If you listen to it (or almost anything I guess) with the mindset that it's being played in Desert Bluffs, it makes it creepy ^-^

way late comment, but this playlist was actually compiled before we knew so much about Strex. But the idealistic and doomy sense of the song fits. :p