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Time to Focus


An entirely instrumental, eclectic playlist made for when I stay up studying organic chemistry to the early hours of the morning.
Whether you're doing readings, writing that report you shouldn't have left to the last minute, crunching numbers or cramming for the next morning's midterm, this playlist has just enough variety to keep things interesting.

51 tracks
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So nice to listen to a playlist that mixes up genres! Love it :3 the second half of Loud Pipes is all silence though...

Great playlist, went through most of it while studying a few superset times, work great to keep me focused on the work and not the music, but still registering the music just enough for it to be effective

I love this playlist, it's amazingly helpful for studying! But why have some of the tracks suddenly got lyrics, when they didn't before? I've gotta be honest, it's a little distracting.

@sian.basten.bray Good to know! sometimes 8tracks randomly replaces the tracks so I'll work on replacing them again haha.