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Let's Get Electric

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This is great. The Libella Swing/Flo Rida mashup is awesome - I can't find the mix anywhere, what's the proper full name of the track?

@aboldguess Are you sure it's a mash-up? When I play it on mine it's just the original, no flo-rida business...8tracks is weird sometimes though

@El Jay See OK, that is the weirdest thing. Played through the whole mix several times again on different PCs and phones - and it's now back to the vanilla original. And I still can't find the fabled mash-up on youtube, soundcloud, anywhere. I'm starting to think it was all a beautiful dream. Pretty sure it sampled some crap-trap like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eIeaec0LmWg ... bah, will keep looking...

i just finished this, those be sum sweet beats. wow, mix makah, you must be freshest of fresh, with really cool hair. oh beeteedubz, i forgot what your email address was

it's ferretmonk@hotmail.com. and thanks I did it myself. you are the only person who's ever liked my haircut, and for thtat, i thank you.