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When it Hurts


  • Knockin' On Heaven's Door by Jck Revier
  • BEN HARPER 'Don't Give Up On Me Now' Unplugged & In The Raw by Willeams Wander
  • Shelter From the Storm by Bob Dylan
  • Change of Time by Josh Ritter
  • Akhaten's Hymn by Paola Bennet
  • Merry's Song/The Long Song by The Rings of Akhaten
  • L’hiver monastique - 70 consolations harmoniques pour violon by Clemens Merkel
  • Shelter From The Storm (DEMO) by Andy Muscat *OLD ACCOUNT*
  • Hallelujah (Cover) by Paola Bennet
  • Use somebody (Grand Piano Cover) by Daniel Gonçalves (Cyber05)
  • And Am I Born To Die (Idumea/Amazing Grace) by Casey Rule
11 tracks
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