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"The Company of the Ring shall be Nine; and the Nine Walkers shall be set against the Nine Riders that are evil."

Nine tracks for nine Companions: Aragorn son of Arathorn, Legolas Greenleaf Thranduilion, Gimli son of Glóin, Frodo Baggins, Samwise Gamgee, Gandalf the Grey, Meriadoc Brandybuck, Peregrin Took and Boromir of Gondor.

tumblr post: http://elanoree.tumblr.com/post/77505661245/the-fellowship-listen-here-nine-instrumental

9 tracks
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This has fast become my favourite playlist ever! I went for a walk with this music the other day and it just made me feel like I was on an adventure! There was the beautiful landscape and the mountains and this mix made it so much better! Thank you!