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Into dark lands under strange moons, far over The Water and very far from the hobbit-hole under the Hill; songs for the last installment of the Quest for Erebor, the Battle of the Five Armies, and for going there and back again.

tumblr post: http://elanoree.tumblr.com/post/108936816921/the-last-stage-listen-here-a-instrumental

12 tracks
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I loved this gorgeous playlist from the first track! My heart is pounding so fast, I have so many emotions! The Dúnedain folk salutes you, child of the kindly west!

this playlist has absolutely melted my heart, and I am still crying..., THANK YOU, bless you!! May the blessings of Elves and Men and all Free Folk go with you! <3

This playlist is making me really emotional okay, it is not okay to cry at work at your desk because of BOTFA feelings. Your annotations - I need to write, thank you for the inspiration and beautiful mix!!! <3

I wrote the first chapter of my fanfic with 2k of words in one hour with this playlist. You don't know how grateful I am for this, it just unblocked my mind and imagination. You're awesome <3